The Green Party OF Zimbabwe



The name of the political party is called United Crusade for Achieving Democracy (hereinafter referred to as “UCAD” Green Party or where appropriate “The Party or Party”) The name UCAD Green is derived from a historical background in which during the 2nd World War, democratic and civilised countries came together to form a crusade against the heartless Adolf Hitler of German. We are now facing today’s Adolf Hitler who is Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.


The Party’s symbol is a hand up with two fingers open while the other three are folded to support the two fingers, with a blue outside border surrounding the hand. There are three other round borders inside the blue outside one. These three inside borders being black as second, white then green. The blue colour represents water. Water is life. No one can survive without water. UCAD Green is like water. If you need to survive you need to join UCAD as it is the basis of life. The blue colour is also a symbol for peace. The black represents black people. UCAD honours black people. The white colour represents white people. UCAD honours white people. While the circles may be different in size, that does not necessarily mean that any race is more or less superior than the other. UCAD Green Party regards both White and Black races to be the same. Under UCAD Green rule, everyone shall be the same in Zimbabwe. The Green colour represents all the natural resources in Zimbabwe. It also signifies that UCAD Green is a peaceful party which shall work extremely hard to ensure that all people are safe. UCAD Green will also ensure that the natural environment has been preserved as much as it is possible. This does not have red colour at all as red colour is usually construed to mean blood. UCAD Green party does not wish to see anyone’s blood shed as a result of deliberate actions of the party and its leaders. We are a peaceful political party which aims to get into power strictly through democratic means. We are not a militant group. Why would we let the people we so love, we are fighting for and we wish to represent die as a result of our actions? Within the white border is inscribed the words ‘’UCAD GREEN IMVURA-NGAAMANSI-IS WATER.’’ The words are inscribed in black colour. The two raised fingers are a sign of peace. When making a slogan we raise both hands so that it be different from the other parties using a similar symbol.


The Party logo is a blue circle followed by a black, then white and then green circles. Inside the white circle is again inscribed the words ‘’UCAD GREEN IMVURA-NGAAMANSI-IS WATER’’ in black colour. Inside the circle is the picture of Victoria Falls but surrounded by five red stars. The red colour on the stars is in honour of our beautiful women. Victoria Falls represents a mass of water in action. UCAD Green is not going to leave any stone unturned as we will carry out all actions politically and democratically until the people of Zimbabwe are no longer under bondage of Zanu PF. The Zimbabwe bird shall be fused right at the centre of the Victoria Falls picture. The stars are five meaning Zimbabwe under UCAD Green shall be divided into five states. These States shall be Northern State on the North, Western State on the West, Southern State on the South, Eastern State on the East and finally Central State right at the Centre of the nation. A new, modern, huge and very beautiful city to be the country’s new capital shall be built right at the centre of the country, somewhere between Kwekwe and Mhondoro. Huge motorways shall be built joining or linking the new capital city to each of the six major border gates which are Beitbridge Border-into South Africa, Plumtree Border-into Botswana, Kazungula Border-into Botswana and also into Namibia, Nyamapanda border-into Mozambique then to Malawi, Chirundu Border into-Zambia and Forbes Border-into Mozambique through the city of Mutare. This is a priority to UCAD Green. Once it gets into power. More details about this and other important issues are in the Party’s policies. Zimbabwe shall be called New Zimbabwe. Each State shall have its own State government which will report to the Central government at the centre or in Central State. The Zimbabwe bird signifies the history of the people of Zimbabwe. It will also represent the Great Zimbabwe Monument. That is important as UCAD Green honours traditional values.



UCAD Green shall be a Green Party whose core values shall be justice, equality, liberty, freedom, transparency, humble obedience and accountable leadership that respects the will of the people. The Party`s overall Ideology is a fusion of Ecologism and liberalism. We believe that men should enjoy life while on earth and hence the state is there to ensure that all people are happy. The other principal duty of the state is to make sure no one`s freedom infringes on the other. All people are equal in the eyes of UCAD Green.


UCAD Green shall pursue social liberation policies aimed at ensuring that Zimbabwe is developed and the quality of life for its citizens improved regardless of race, tribe, creed, social status, political affiliation or beliefs, ethnicity, historical origin, sexual orientation etc. Zimbabweans shall enjoy directly or indirectly income from the proceeds of natural resources.


UCAD Green shall seek the mandate of the people of Zimbabwe to govern the country and work to achieve;

  • A dynamic economy built on the principles of a mixed market economy with a strong social conscience.
  • An open democracy in which national government is accountable to the people through the devolution of power and decision-making to the provinces and local institutions and structures.
  • A just society in which all the people including the weak and the poor are assured of a decent standard of living and equitable social services such as health and education. New Zimbabwe shall be one good example of a welfare state.
  • A fair and equitable distribution of the nation’s resources including mineral wealth and land. The land in Zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabweans. UCAD Green party will never claim to be giving land to the people as it is and has always been theirs. However, if elected into power, UCAD Green will ensure that all those people in need of land have secured it. No one will be segregated due to any reason. Land is a birthright for all the Zimbabweans. What UCAD Green will simply do is to facilitate its distribution. We acknowledge that all people came to Zimbabwe. Some people however came earlier than others, but that does not make anyone more special than another. All Zimbabweans shall live as brothers and sisters irregardless of differences in race, tribe, sexual orientation, religion, etc.
  • All citizens who want or are in need of land will get it in a legal, transparent and accountable manner. Those who are happy with the land they are holding onto shall be allowed to stay provided they were previously allocated in a legal, fair, transparent manner which had no violation of other people’s rights in accordance with acceptable standards. The land has to fall within acceptable sizes. An all inclusive commission shall be set up to determine what shall be the acceptable standards. The commission is to be made up of all stakeholders. Multiple ownership of farms will be prohibited. Allocation of land as well as what to produce and levels of production will largely be decided by professionals so that the nation may not end up losing out economically as is the case under the current Zanu PF regime.
  • Respect for the individual through provision and protection of fundamental human rights. No one’s rights shall be arbitrarily violated. Where such occurs by mistake appropriate measures to retribute and compensate the affected person shall be undertaken.
  • A sustainable environmental and natural resources policy in which the environment is sought to be protected and held in trust for future generations. The country shall be divided into five States, thus into four physically equal quarters to make up four States. The fifth one shall be circular and shall be at the centre of the other four States. Each of the four States shall have a side that would be bordering the central State. The fifth State shall accommodate a new capital city to be built over a period of ten years. The new capital shall be a huge, posh, modern and well planned city. The New Capital City shall be linked by huge motorways to each of the four major border gates. Modern City planners shall be engaged in the designing of this city. Investors shall be lured to come forward and build the city under the Build, Operate and Transfer arrangements (BOT). The New Capital City will be named by the people by way of a referendum.
  • The eradication of all forms of corruption. The imbalances that exist today shall be corrected. Today, the country’s resources are in the hands of Zanu PF elite including Zimbabwe’s so called Kings, Queens and their Nobles. Corrections of such shall be a priority. Those responsible for barbaric actions and human rights violations shall be made to account for their actions. We shall put solid mechanisms to stop corruption and all uncivilised acts.
  • The eradication of all forms of discrimination including discrimination on the basis of gender, race, tribe, place of origin, sexual orientation, social status, political affiliation or belief and religion.
  • Respect for and recognition of cultural diversity within a united society built on the principles of national integration and eradication of negative cultural practices. However, we will not include Satanism as a form of cultural diversity as it has an effect of affecting other people in life in general. Any culture, custom or practice which has an effect on other people shall be prohibited in New Zimbabwe. We will respect the Supremacy of God.


Note: You can help us in our campaign to build a better Zimbabwe for all by contributing to the cause of the UCAD. Together we can do more! We are constantly seeking funds and donations from individuals and private sources to support this movement. Every day we use money to pay for crews to travel to different regions of Zimbabwe to campaign. Our Party has successfully lodged in some areas across Zimbabwe. We are getting the funds we use through the financial support of individuals and private sources. As a nature of love, we know many hands make light work, your support or a sort of donation can keep this movement move. You can also help us further our efforts with any donation you can. With this donation, it can also help us to buy desperately needed supplies, such as party T Shirts, food and travel costs.

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we are Zimbabweans and we are proud of our Zimbabwean identity.


Our nation building requires more enthusiasm and the involvement of every sector of society.