The Green Party Of Zimbabwe

Leader: Albert Matapo

Founded: January 2007

Officialized:1 August 2014

ZEC Notified on: 4 August 2014


Headquarters (as on 1 August 2014): 2634 Herbert Chitepo Rd, Ruwa, Zimbabwe.


Ideology: Ecologism / Green Politics

Africa Affiliation: African Greens Federation.


International Affiliation: Global Greens

Colours: Green, Blue, Yellow, White and Black


Website: www.ucadpoliticalpartyofzimbabwe.org


We are a green party and so we believe in peaceful means only. UCAD believes that government must be open, honest, responsive, and account-able to the people it serves. All citizens should have the freedom and the opportunity to rise as high as their talents and initiative will allow. Our Platform expresses our dedication to the belief that those who work hard should be assured the opportunity to achieve greater economic security, and that all should be able to live with basic human dignity.


The UCAD Party understands the basic principles. That is why we are in this platform seeking the Common Good, the best life for each person in Zimbabwe. We include everyone: the unemployed, the employed, the veteran, the student, the disabled, the sick, the healthy, the senior, the child, the wealthy, the poor, the citizen, the stranger, the first and the last. Seeking the Common Good is not difficult for Zimbabweans to understand. The Common Good requires that we have common responsibility for the community and the people.


By holding ourselves to this vision of the Common Good, We have our guidepost to deal with the great challenges that face Zimbabweans today. We address Zimbabwean’s economic situation while holding the least of these, our unemployed, our most impoverished, our least advantaged, at the forefront of our minds. We address our health care needs remembering the ill, the elderly, and the unemployed. In short, we do what is difficult, and we do what is right.


We also seek the Common Good in terms of protecting the spaces and resources that belong to us all. Zimbabwe has many natural blessings. Our rivers, mountains, parks, air, forests, and water should not be destroyed, polluted, or privatized. The people of Zimbabwe deserve leaders who treasure our people and our land. In UCAD Party and its candidates, Zimbabweans will find such leaders, dedicated to furthering the Common Good. We are committed to continuing our focus on the issues that matter most to working families in Zimbabwe: creating good-paying jobs; preparing children to succeed in life through our public education system; providing high quality, accessible and affordable health care to all; promoting financial security through economic growth and secure retirement benefits; stopping discrimination in all its forms; protect¬ing voter rights; reforming government to be transparent and accountable; improving our country and local roads; improving public transportation; and protecting our priceless natural resources for future genera¬tions. We advocate these social values in support of the Common Good.


Our campaign is a campaign to continue the changes in the direction and priorities of our country after the disastrous years of the ZANU PF Administration. We are committed to deliver change in Zimbabwe.


The people of Zimbabwe from all walks of life who agreed to form UCAD Green party noted the failure and inability of the ruling ZANU PF Government to govern Zimbabwe justly, democratically, transparently, honestly, equitably, fairly, without segregation, without tribal divisions etc. We noted that the ZANU PF government had totally failed to eradicate the rampant corruption at all levels of the society, to eradicate poverty, to conduct free, regular and fair elections without rigging, that the ZANU PF government is made up of egocentric leaders who have and who continue to amass wealth at the expense of the nation, a ZANU PF party that has proved to be a racial regime, one that allocates the few remaining national resources on partisan grounds. The ZANU PF party that has totally failed to address the economic challenges facing the nation, we are quite aware that ZANU PF party is very good at misrepresenting facts to the whole world, promoting the looting of resources, putting together mechanisms to rig national elections, persecute citizens, disregard the rule of law, putting blame on others particularly the West for their own failures, in the process destroying the economy etc. On the other hand, we noted that Zimbabwe as a nation was above all political organisations and their leaders hence all people were expected to ensure that the interests of the nation were more important than individual or party interests.


UCAD Green Party feels that Zimbabweans deserve better deals than those at hand. We noted that the major existing opposition parties that most Zimbabweans pin their hopes on in order to be taken from Egypt to Canaan, albeit initially democratic, had lost the ability and the will power to fulfil their promises. The existing so called Progressive and Democratic opposition political parties in Zimbabwe have since lost the ability to change the status quo or to continue offering any meaningful opposition to the ruling ZANU PF party. The Progressive opposition parties that are currently in the playing field have a very limited capacity to see in the future and this has been a serious setback to the majority who are longing for nothing other than total change. Those leading these opposition parties have somewhat proved to be incapable and inept to outwit ZANU PF and its dirty tactics. Most of the opposition leaders have since chosen to work and dine with ZANU PF secretly. They have literally become ZANU PF in the making. The top leadership of these opposition parties have been heavily infiltrated by the State Security Agents and ZANU PF operatives. Furthermore, the opposition leaders have proved to have joined the bandwagon of accepting bribes and of corrupt practices, all at the expense of the nation. The nation, over the years, received so many assurances before every other election from top opposition leaders that they knew all the ZANU PF rigging tactics, but just soon after election, the same top leaders would cry foul. ZANU PF`s rigging machinery is so sophisticated that if careful planning is not put in place then Zimbabwe will remain under dictatorship for many more years to come. ZANU PF is following examples of Myanmar(Burma), Cuba, North Korea, etc. We are aware that the nation no longer has faith in these leaders. Some top leaders chose to get into marriage unions with children of ZANU PF’s Central Committee members and in the process creating a conflict of interests. There is no secret that any reasonable person may share with people who have such linkages with ZANU PF like that. The opposition won in both 2008 and 2013 but failed to both claim victory and wrestle power from these ruling ZANU PF Party thieves, murderers, liars, etc. The opposition leaders proved that they had eyes to see but were not able to see, had ears to hear but could not hear. Those opposition leaders who enjoyed the popular support, comfort of the Government of National Unity (GNU), still enjoy the benefits and have no reason to worry hence have indeed failed to turn the popular people support into People Power. They have virtually taken a position of quiet diplomacy. It appears as if everything is normal in Zimbabwe and yet so many human rights abuses are taking place throughout the country. This is because the opposition top leadership has tasted both power and looting as they were taught by ZANU PF over the years, hence have now become pro-ZANU PF in the making and they like ZANU PF. there are also other small opposition parties who are ZANU PF projects themselves as they are being secretly funded by Mugabe. Some so called Independent Newspapers have also been silenced by ZANU PF. They have become as polarised and biased as the state papers. They only report news from selected corners and in a tone that only favours those they wish to promote. They do not call a spade a spade. Genuine news is left out in the process. UCAD Green party is aware of all this and hopes to work to bring back all the lost hopes. We are fully aware that some leaders are very good at misleading the nation while at the same time fail to bring anything on the table. UCAD Green leaders were abducted, thrown into Chikurubi Maximum Prison for seven years without trial, abused while in prison by being tortured, being denied access to food, denied medication, being intimidated day in day out, being regarded as high risk prisoners so were being kept under very tough conditions until they got released by God`s grace. The UCAD Green leaders’ families were persecuted in all forms had their properties expropriated by both the State Agents and also by the State. Several lies have been fashioned by the State media against UCAD Green and its leadership, all in an effort to silence it. Against all odds, UCAD Green has chosen to proceed with democratic political activities as enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. UCAD Green leaders have thus got into the political playing field. They have moved from the political terraces in which some of them were for many past years, right into the political playing field-so the political match can be played. UCAD Green party has noted all the problems that the nation is experiencing hence we promise to address all of them within a reasonable timeframe once voted into power in the next elections.


UCAD Green wishes to advise the people of this nation that some people or top opposition leaders whom the nation used to bank on have since shifted goals to making politics a money making venture. We should all move with time if we are to stop ZANU PF from continuing to run this nation down. Everyone has to open up their eyes if we are to defeat ZANU PF. UCAD Green appreciates all efforts that have been done by all those who were and who are still committed to the struggle. We also acknowledge, remember and respect those who died for the struggle. UCAD Green does not respect ZANU PF heroes who are not National heroes. National Heroes can only be chosen by a national body and not a ZANU PF committee.


UCAD Green is a broad-based political party with leaders who are well seasoned, highly educated and experienced, knowledgeable, willing to save the nation, who are democratic and who promise to do everything through democratic means. We are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of human rights and to setting up of a government based on the principles of freedom and good governance. Our democratic principles shall be aimed at ensuring that there is balance between the people and nature, all people in spite of race, creed, political affiliation, sexual orientation, religion, etc.




Education has long been the means that people rely upon to achieve a better quality of life. In our current, knowledge-based, technology-driven economy, the value of education is magnified. Zimbabwe must provide affordable educational opportunities for everyone from the youngest child to the oldest adult. We must help our universities and community. We will enhance the appeal for new companies to invest and expand in Zimbabwe.


Our goal is to make sure that no one is left behind, and to ensure those seeking work in Zimbabwe can find jobs they want and qualify for right here at home.


Supporting a high quality of life:

  • People examine quality of life issues when deciding where to live, locate a business, or educate their children. Today, these factors drive economic development: Are there good schools? Are there cultural and recreational opportunities? Are there green spaces and clean lakes to enjoy? Is the area safe and free of crime? Is there a vibrant community with shops, nightlife, and entertainment? Are there educa¬tional and career opportunities?


Quality of life considerations mean that we in UCAD must redouble our efforts at keeping our citizens safe, rebuilding our cities, protecting our outdoors, enriching our culture, improving our schools, and supporting our colleges and universities.


Forge community out of racial diversity:

  • In Zimbabwe, as in the nation as a whole, we have become more aware of the common bonds across the traditional lines of difference. Our challenge is to make diversity our strength and lead the way for the rest of the nation in building a successful pluralistic society. However, strong forces are still at work that continues to separate us by race and income. We have some of the most racially segregated cities, sub¬urbs, schools, and housing markets in the country. Income inequality translates into a lack of opportunity in other areas, and may take many generations, even centuries, to completely overcome. Although we have a long way to go to rectify these problems fully, the UCAD Party is committed to eradicating racial discrimination and reducing income inequality. We support affirmative action to help groups that have suffered from a history of discrimination.


Standing up for the under-represented:

  • Some of the greatest tests for society have always been: Do we respect the rights of all? Do we become the voice for those of us who have little say in our society? Do we ensure that each and every person is given full representation in decision-making? Do we offer a helping hand when our citizens encounter hardships? We must make sure everyone shares in our prosperity and renew our commitment to reach out to those in need.



UK UCAD Chairman: Lovemore Taruvinga


We are a democratic political party whose aims are to deliver New Zimbabwe to the People of Zimbabwe. We are aware that Zimbabweans have suffered for too long and have been so patient; majority suffered persecution by ZANU PF due to their political opinion and had no choice but to leave Zimbabwe. We are aware that the majority of the Diasporas suffered so much in the laws of the ruthless dictator- Robert Mugabe and his cronies.


Note: You can help us in our campaign to build a better Zimbabwe for all by contributing to the cause of the UCAD. Together we can do more! We are constantly seeking funds and donations from individuals and private sources to support this movement. Every day we use money to pay for crews to travel to different regions of Zimbabwe to campaign. Our Party has successfully lodged in some areas across Zimbabwe. We are getting the funds we use through the financial support of individuals and private sources. As a nature of love, we know many hands make light work, your support or a sort of donation can keep this movement move. You can also help us further our efforts with any donation you can. With this donation, it can also help us to buy desperately needed supplies, such as party T Shirts, food and travel costs.

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we are Zimbabweans and we are proud of our Zimbabwean identity.


Our nation building requires more enthusiasm and the involvement of every sector of society.