The Green Party Of Zimbabwe


National Executive Committee




There shall be a National Crusaders Executive Committee of the National Crusaders Council which shall exercise all the functions of the National Crusaders Council in between meetings provided that the National Crusaders Executive Committee shall have no power to make any decision in conflict with a standing decision of the National Crusaders Council.


The National Crusaders Executive Committee shall be composed as follows;


  • All members of the National Crusaders Standing Committee.
  • The 12 Provincial Representatives elected by the Provincial Congress delegates from each Province.
  • The 12 members elected directly at Congress by Congress.
  • The ten members co-opted by National Crusaders Council at first meeting after Congress.
  • The Secretaries to the Assembly of Females and Young Crusaders.


The following Office bearers and Secretaries shall also be part of the National Crusaders Executive Committee;

  • President and Deputy President.
  • The National Chairperson and the National Deputy Chairperson.
  • The Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General.
  • The National Organising Secretary.
  • The Deputy National Organising Secretary.
  • The Treasurer General and the Deputy Treasurer General.
  • The Secretary for Information and Publicity and the Deputy Secretary for Information and Publicity.
  • The Secretary for Finance and Economic Affairs.
  • The Secretary for Education, Sports, Arts and Culture.
  • The Secretary for International Relations.
  • The Secretary for Labour and Social Welfare.
  • The Secretary for Health and Child Welfare.
  • The Secretary for Lands and Agriculture.
  • The Secretary for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration.
  • The Secretary for Defence and Security.
  • The Secretary for Industry and Commerce.
  • The Secretary for Transport.
  • The Chairperson and Secretary for Young Crusaders Assembly
  • The Chairwoman and Secretary for Female Crusaders Assembly.
  • The Secretary for National Elections.
  • The Secretary for Research and Policy Co-ordination.
  • The Secretary for Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs.
  • The Secretary for Justice and Legal Affairs.
  • The Secretary for Science and Technology.
  • The Secretary for Home Affairs.
  • The Secretary for Party Business, Investment and Projects.
  • The Secretary for Tourism.
  • The Secretary for Climate and Environment Changes.
  • The Secretary for Mines and Mineral Resources.
  • The Secretary for Water, Development and Management
  • The Secretary for Local Government and Villagisation.
  • The Secretary for Energy and Power Development.
  • The Secretary for the Demarcation of the State boundaries, positioning of State roads and rails, positioning of the New Capital City for New Zimbabwe.
  • Secretary for National Job Creation.



The National Crusaders Executive Committee shall be the Administrative and Implementing authority of the Party and shall;

  • Implement the decisions and resolutions of the National Crusaders Council
  • Recommend party policies and programmes to the National Crusaders Council.
  • Formulate and implement the current programmes of the party within the framework of the party and to ensure that the provinces, districts, wards and branches and all other party structures such as parliamentary and local government caucuses carry out the decisions of the party.
  • Ensure that the provincial, district, ward and branch structure of the party function democratically and effectively.
  • Receive reports, supervise the work of, and delegate such functions to the Provincial Crusaders Committees as it considers necessary.
  • Engage and dismiss employees of the Party.
  • Submit reports to the National Crusaders Council.
  • Establish departments and set up committees as it considers appropriate.
  • Suspend any member of the Party pending reference of the matter to the appropriate disciplinary committee.
  • Carry out investigations into any member’s alleged misconduct, draft and frame charges against any such member and prosecute the said member before the appropriate Disciplinary Committee.
  • Set up special Commission of inquiry or specialised committees that shall be appointed for specific purposes which committees shall dissolve upon submitting their final written reports thereto, unless reconstructed for further investigation or consideration in connection with the original task.
  • Institute legal proceedings for and defend any legal proceedings against the party.
  • Open and operate books of Accounts.
  • Maintain accounts registers of all the Party members and monitor, control and give guidance to all elected Party officers holding public positions.
  • Receive monthly reports from Party Secretaries in connection with their portfolios.
  • The National Crusaders Executive Committee shall meet at least once in two months and its quorum shall be constituted by one and half of its members.




There shall be a National Crusaders Standing Committee which shall be chaired by the Party President and shall consist of the party President and the Deputy President, the National Chairperson, the Deputy National Chairperson, the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General, the Treasurer General, the Deputy Treasurer General, the National Organising Secretary, the Vice National Organising Secretary, the Secretary for Information and Publicity, the Secretary for Defence and Security, the Secretary for Science and Technology, the Secretary for National Elections, the Chairpersons of Female Crusaders and Young Crusaders.


The Committee shall be responsible for the day to day administration of the Party and shall report to the National Executive Committee and shall make no executive or policy decisions.




There shall be a Senior National Crusaders Council consisting of twenty four members of which two shall be from each of the Political Provinces (Harare, Chitungwiza, Bulawayo, Midlands North, Midlands South, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West, Mashonaland Central, Masvingo and Manicaland Provinces) and two from people with disabilities. These members shall be appointed by the National Crusaders Council on advice of the National Crusaders Standing Committee in the first meeting after Congress. Each Province should submit six names for the potential Senior National Crusaders Council posts and the names should be forwarded at least a month before Congress.


There should be at most six females and six males to this council. Out of these members, the following posts should be filled;

  • Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Committee members.
  • Every Province shall elect two members-one male and one female who shall sit in the National Executive of the Senior Crusaders’ Council.
  • Members of the Senior Crusaders’ Council shall be at least 60 years of age and shall be people with a traceable history of genuine opposition politics.


The functions of the Senior Crusaders’ Council are;

  • To offer advice and wisdom to the National Crusaders leadership of the Party including the National Crusaders Executive Committee and National Crusaders Council.
  • To carry out advocacy work with and amongst traditional leaders and traditional institutions for and on behalf of the Party.
  • To perform and/or carry out any such functions which the National Crusaders Executive Council may from time to time delegate to it, which may include investigations, arbitration and reconciliation of disputes within the Party structures and/or among members.





The following are the UCAD Green Party Founder Members and on their own constitute a Committee which is part of Congress. They are honoured for founding the Party, going through very tough times in the hands of Zanu PF. Some were imprisoned while others were contributing immensely particularly financially and otherwise to the well-being of those who were in prison. The recognisable contributions are those that were being made towards the whole group, such as towards legal fees and establishing contacts for reasons of ensuring the safety and release of the UCAD Geen leaders. The membership remains permanent. A member of this group may only choose to be disqualified by way of violating the Party policies that relate to Founding members.


The full list is as follows;

  1. Albert Mugove Matapo
  2. Emmanuel Marara
  3. Oncemore Mudzurahona
  4. Zvinemi Matapo nee Museye
  5. Patson Mupfure
  6. Charles Vova
  7. Nyasha Zivuku
  8. Rangarirai Mazivofa
  9. Shingirai Webester Mutemachani
  10. Edmore Gapare
  11. Jonathan Kisi
  12. Tawanda Munyoro
  13. Shephard Sibanda
  14. Amnos Gapukapu
  15. Peter Muto
  16. Charles Gundani
  17. Fungai Matapo
  18. Nemhara
  19. Magara
  20. The Lawyer
  21. Noah Njobo
  22. Hwande
  23. Elias Gapare
  24. Charles Mufudze
  25. Ernest Chuma
  26. David Chidoko
  27. Ruperts Chimanga
  28. Gary Mudzurahona
  29. Ackim Matare
  30. Watson Watungwa
  31. Lovemore Taruvinga
  32. Canny Kaeto


There are others whose names may get known in the course of events and will be added accordingly.







we are Zimbabweans and we are proud of our Zimbabwean identity.


Our nation building requires more enthusiasm and the involvement of every sector of society.