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March 2016 UCAD UK District Executive Meeting

UCAD UK District Meeting 06 March 2016

Minutes of the UCAD UK District Executive Committee on Sunday.


Date of Meeting: 06 March 2016


Time: 1400hrs


Place: 32A Drygate, Ladywell, Community Hall, G4 0YB, Glasgow.


Chair: Mr Lovemore Taruvinga




Speaker (Chairman: Lovemore Taruvinga)

Deputy (Chairperson: Mhurai Dzingisai)

Pastor Mark Charingwati

Skhumbuzo Khumalo

Precious Munashe Taruvinga




Absalom Matapo

Edwin Takawira

Tsisti Chinyamakobvu

Collen Ndlovu

Edineth Mtengwa,

Moses Musiiwa Mazomba



Welcome remarks and agenda


The chairperson Lovemore Taruvinga welcomed everyone and thanked them for making it to the meeting at a very short notice. The meeting resumed with Chairman being appointed as the UCAD UK Chairman.


Chairman Lovemore Taruvinga Said that, time has come for long suffering Zimbabweans to dump President Robert Mugabe and his warring ZANU PF. ZANU PF had lost both direction and its mandate to serve the nation. The ZANU PF party has lost its direction. The leading personnel in ZANU PF and government are very greedy people; they are killing people to maintain their position in power. They are robbing people to make themselves rich at the expense of the suffering masses. They pretend to care when they go for elections. Now ZANU PF is a house full of lies.


The Chairman said, now it is the time for us to move forward and reorganised ourselves, we need a new beginning a new set up of things that will fight the evils that drowned our nation. We are told in ZANU PF the centre of power is the president. We say that is a lie. The gallant fighters from Zipra and Zanla never fought the armed struggle so the one person becomes the centre of power. We fought an armed struggle with tenacity so that the people become the centre of power. The people are the centre of power because it is the people who nominate the president. It is the people that employ the president. Therefore, it is the people that remove the president. So the centre of power is the people. The Chairman noted further that having leaders of political parties becoming centres of power was one simple formula to a dictatorship and it’s not going to be allowed in future political seasons of our country.


The Chairman said, everyone who is in ZANU PF is a killer, our country needs a good leader and we are the good leaders of our nation. We need good leaders who are the voice of the people. Why do people of Zimbabwe call amai or baba to Mugabe and his wife? Please these people were supposed to work for us not killing us. We are a rich country but ZANU PF has made our nation very poor. Enough is enough let they play their politics sleeping guarded with soldiers on arms. But whether they sleeps peaceful who cares. How many of us can afford 3 meals a day. All ZANU PF ministers have 10 farms each, many houses in low density, they feed at 5 star hotels, plus motorcade, children free education any choice of the country. Ask yourself why? Why not work to repair our country, Today all companies are closed, no employment, and the nation is gone down. In UCAD we say enough is enough in the coming 2018 general elections, rigging or not, we must draw a line and say never again. Yes indeed we can turn around this situation. It is possible to have a leadership who will devote their time to uplifting the welfare of Zimbabweans instead of the current leadership which spends time trying to prove who loves their leader and his wife more than the other. It is time to get the bull by the horn, we should tell him he is too old now, he must retire. In UCAD we say if you refused to be part of our struggle, you can’t be part of our success, and that’s fair. Of the ZANU PF factions, the one with a sickly 92 year old and a seemingly deranged wife will lose, it’s just a matter of time. It is therefore wiser to join UCAD now and we will bring an early end to the Mugabe regime. The Chairman said, all vendors, the homeless whose houses were demolished by the Mugabe regime, the workers and the entire ghetto this is the time for them to come and join hands with UCAD and remove Mugabe.


The chairman made a brief explanation on the need for appointing more UK Executive Committee to cover the UK District under a suitable scheme. This resolution was debated at length with various opinions expressed by members on how such a scheme could be put into operation.


After some discussion IT WAS DECIDED on a suggestion to appoint more Executive Committee on the next meeting.




UCAD UK District Meeting 01 May 2016

Minutes of the meeting of the UCAD UK District held at Glasgow on Sunday, May 01


Date of Meeting: 01 May 2016

Time: 1400hrs

Place: 32A Drygate, Ladywell, Community Hall, G4 0YB, Glasgow.

Chair: Mr Lovemore Taruvinga



Those present: Lovemore Taruvinga(Chairman), Maria Mutadium, Moses Musiiwa Mazomba, Precious Taruvinga, Tracy Hona


Apologies: Absalom Matapo, Edwin Takawira, Tsisti Chinyamakobvu, Collen Ndlovu, Edineth Mtengwa, Tafadzwa Muso, Tinashe Gamba, Gamu Muso,Gracy Chirwa, Vaida Gumbo, Maud Monde,Precious Tsiga,Joice Tare, Farai Chombo, John Mare, Edmore Famba, Mhurai Dzingisai,


1. Minutes of May 01 2016


a)It was agreed that the Chairman Lovemore Taruvinga would send these minutes electronically for corrections.


The Chairman Lovemore Taruvinga said Zimbabwe has suffered years of economic collapse and mass emigration during an era marked by intolerance of dissent, vote rigging and accusations of human rights abuses.The Chairman Lovemore Taruvinga Said, "Mugabe has no solution to the crisis," Chairman said in a brief speech to cadres gathered in the meeting this afternoon, our party is here to tell Mugabe and his regime that you have failed. The Chairman said, we are not demanding an overthrow of the government but we are demanding a dignified exit for the tired Mugabe.


The Chairman said it is the time for Mugabe to listen to our voice. We need to see Zimbabweans liberate themselves. The Chairman said Mugabe promised our people 2.2-million jobs which are not there and we have massive corruption in this government. The Chairman aged all the people who were in the meeting to shout Mugabe must go and shout enough is enough and Mugabe must step down.The Chairman said we want a government that create jobs for our children and a government that can craft policies to attract investments.


The Chairman suggests the issue of leadership Training to start as soon as possible. The Chairman said UCAD Leadership must be trained on how to build their knowledge and skills of leadership. The Chairman said there is no academic requirement to become a politician, but leadership and democratic values are essential for good functioning politics and governance.


The Chairman Lovemore Taruvinga said, democratic knowledge, skills and values are essential when working towards democracy. He also said they must learn for example, how to foster diversity. In addition, they must also learn how to speak, listen and debate with mutual respect and how to respect the human rights. He said we need to have a program that underscores the need to strengthen the current and future generation of political leaders with the skills, knowledge and values to transcend the challenges of democratic transformation and embrace present and future national, regional and global challenges.


The Chairman Lovemore Taruvinga asked people to give examples of highly significant leadership qualities and the following qualities where mentioned, integrity, honesty, humility, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, confidence, positivity, wisdom, determination, compassion.


The chairman made a brief explanation on how we can recruit more members to join UCAD. The Chairman promised to bring printed flyers about UCAD on our next meeting.






UCAD UK District Female Crusaders Meeting 11 May 2016





The first meeting of the UCAD UK Female Crusaders was held at 11.30 A.M. on 11 May 2016 at St Rollox, Glasgow to discuss agenda items as circulated to the members. The meeting was chaired by Edineth Mtengwa, and was attended by Mercy Mwedzo and Gamu Muso and Edmore Famba.


The Chairperson Edineth Mtengwa at the outset extended her warm welcome to all the members. In her opening remarks she emphasized the significance and importance of the work of the women and the procedural aspects which need to be kept in mind. The Chairperson said, the Zimbabwe we want needs an inclusive economic and social agenda that seeks to deliver value to all citizens. She said it must be led by leaders who appreciate that their role is to facilitate development and allow others to lead where necessary.


The Chairperson a said, the leaders we want must have a compelling vision for our country which must be driven by purpose. Our leaders must be open to being questioned and challenged so that they may make better decisions. It cannot be a crime to criticize the President.

Edineth said, above all in the Zimbabwe we want leaders who are value driven and not money driven; leaders who are genuinely concerned about the well-being of all citizens regardless of race, tribe or political affiliation. We shall require leaders who are principled and are not driven by material accumulation but by serving the needs of citizens.


The Chairperson Edineth Mtengwa made a brief explanation on the issue of fund raising in order to support the people back home.


The meeting finished at 1230hrs


UCAD UK DISTRICT BRANCH – Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held at 1300 hrs on 3 December 2016 at 32A DRYGATE, DUKE STREET, GLASGOW.



Lovemore Taruvinga: District Chairman

Mhurai Dzingisai: Vice Chairperson

Tinashe Gamba: Secretary

Tafadzwa Muso: Vice Secretary

Absalom Matapo: Organizing Secretary

Tsitsi Chinyamakobvu: Treasurer

Collen Ndlovu: Info & Publicity

Edineth Mtengwa: Women's Chairperson

Abigil Hall: Youth Chairperson

Moses Musiiwa Mazomba: Vice Chair


1. Opening

The Chairman Lovemore Taruvinga opened the meeting with a prayer, welcomed the members to the meeting and thanked everyone for coming at a short notice. The chairperson Lovemore Taruvinga apologised for any confusion experienced with regards to his change of address and to the change in meeting time and dates.


2. Revival of UCAD

The Chairman Lovemore Taruvinga explained to the meeting that the UK District branch had become less active in its political campaigns; therefore it was prudent to invigorate it. The chairperson Lovemore Taruvinga also informed the members that a media strategy, focussing on the use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, would be presented to the members at the next meeting. The aim of the media strategy would be the improvement of the committee’s visibility to both members of the party as well as the public. He explained to the new members what UCAD stands for. He made them aware that it stands for United Crusade for Achieving Democracy, is a political opposition party, whose members are passionate and committed to bringing about change in Zimbabwe.


3. General Meeting

The Chairman Lovemore Taruvinga advised the meeting that a general meeting has been arranged and will take place on 05 February 2017 at 32a Dry Gate, Duke Street, Glasgow starting at 2pm. The National Executive of UK UCAD would be in attendance. A new Birmingham branch committee would be elected on the day.


4. Fundraising

Bring and Share: The General Meeting would be an opportune time to fundraise for the branch. Members discussed what they intended to do on the day. They suggested having a Bring and Share meal as well as entertainment. The ladies pledged to provide meals and men pledged to bring some drinks. The ladies would cook at their homes but the food may need heating. This will be done in the hall kitchen. Names and contact details of people who pledged were taken by Abigil Hall. The food and drinks would be for sale on the day.


Costs: The UK UCAD branch does not have money in its coffers. The meeting discussed and agreed to contribute a minimum of £5 towards the cost of hiring the hall and other incidences. The Chairman encouraged those who could, to generously contribute more. Abigil Hall was given the responsibility to collect and co-ordinate the funding. Those who had some money paid.


5. Attendance

A minimum of 30 people is expected to attend the meeting. Mr Lovemore Taruvinga encouraged everyone to invite friends and relations to the general and fundraising meeting. He also urged members to bring Zimbabwean Flag on the day.


6. Feedback Meeting

Another meeting may be called to check progress and finalise details for the general meeting.


7. Closing

With no other business to discuss, Mr Lovemore Taruvinga thanked everyone for coming and urged everybody to positively play a part to make this event a success. The meeting was declared closed at 1500 hrs.